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Company Profile

Who We are ?

Since ACME'S beginning in 1989, it has  been the main objective of its director's Mr. Raj kumar Diwan & Mr. Anil Chawla , to develop quality, innovative safety products that help improve occupational safety and health worldwide.

Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of industrial hard hat,reflecting vest,gumboots,full body harness, barricading tape, safety net & safety eye wear.

By developing products that exceed latest performance requirements whilst also improving comfort and wearer acceptance, ACME/ABRIGO enables millions of people worldwide to protect themselves daily in their lives and workplaces.

ABRIGO/ACME supplies end users in industries such as Automotive, Steel, Oil and Gas, Energy and Utilities, Chemical, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Food, Construction and Civil Engineering worldwide through a network of distributor partners.  From stylish spectacles to robust goggles; sturdy helmets to effective ear defenders to specialised respirators  ACME/ABRIGO is skilled in answering the World’s safety product needs.

What do we do?

We believe in supplying only useful high quality products to our customers, specializing in safety. We strive to live up to a reputation of high standards in the way we conduct our business and ourselves.

What are we about?

Distributing innovative products & specializing in safety.

What do we stand for?

Dependability, Honesty, Integrity, Quality & Value!

What makes us different?

It is this ethos that really makes us stand out from the crowd.  Quality, dependability, and value are what we know and what you can depend on.Our products are Eco-Friendly and responsibly sourced from like-minded companies.

Where are we located?

Our warehouses are located in Surat, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Haryana, & Chennai  and  our distribution operation Office is located in delhi. Manned by 300 workers our manufacturing unit is also located in Delhi.