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Head Protection

Head Protection 

Head protection is required in almost every industry where there is a risk of being injured by falling objects or when working in areas of restricted head space.

ACME'S safety helmets have been designed to exceed the requirements of EN397, the industrial helmet standard. Not only will they offer protection at the defined test sites, but over a much larger area of the head, giving unrivalled levels of performance plus "all round protection".

Safety Helmets

Our range of Safety Helmets shells are all ergonomically designed with lightweight yet fully impact resistant ABS materials, alongside an EPS liner to ensure head protection is of optimum value. They offer great mechanical performance throughout the day with their quick - adjustment, high-comfort attachment points allowing it to be easily adjustable to various head sizes. Similarly, they are designed with extended napes and reduced peaks to offer superb upward visibility.

All Safety Helmets are constructed with a unique ventilation system and hydro-flock, highly absorbent sweatband ensuring extreme comfort and easy airflow throughout the day. Compatible with a whole range of face and hearing accessories, these helmets are thoroughly designed with ever user in mind. These Safety Helmets are ideal for those working in high environments such as rigging, construction and tower climbing the variety of Safety Helmets ensure protection at every point.