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Eye Protection

Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles are an essential piece of protective wear to any workers uniform. Our range of Safety Goggles    are ergonomically designed with a clear polycarbonate material which offers protection against energy impact and high explosive forces without compromising vision. Each one offers an indirect ventilation shield whilst their PVC and Nylon frame ensures each Safety Goggle is extremely durable and flexible to provide a long-lasting, non reflective effect. Combined soft rubber interior linings and harder materials ensure each Safety Goggle is of an optimum comfort for all-day use.

ABRIGO'S Safety Goggles are suited to any head shape and size with easily adjustable elasticated head strap. Due to the nature of intended environments, each goggle is coated with an anti scratch and anti mist resistance for optimum performance. All are fully compatible with disposable and half mask respirators and, when necessary, do not affect vision over prescription spectacles. These Safety Goggles are ideal for protection in environments where dust, gas, metal, hot solids and liquids may cause direct harm.